Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas


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The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the home, sometimes as much as twice as large as the next sized bedroom. Homeowners look at these rooms as sanctuaries, a place for couples to have some privacy and enjoy each other’s company.

By pushing out a wall, you can expand the footprint of your master bedroom, to encompass all or part of an adjoining room. Such a renovation may require the help of a contractor, who will help you determine what structural changes are needed, if any, to complete the job.

You can also renovate your master bedroom based on the square footage you have, a more cost effective and less intrusive update to your abode. You may have seen bedroom makeovers featured on HGTV or in leading magazines; we’ll explore some options for your consideration.

Bedroom ambience — Does you bedroom suit you or does it merely satisfy you? Changing the decor is a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of your master bedroom without making extensive changes.

A fresh cost of paint, new wood trim, updated carpeting or flooring and a change in artwork, drapery or lighting fixtures can give your room a fresh perspective. Ratchet up the renovation by replacing your bedroom set including the bed, side tables, bureau and television stand.

If a more extensive renovation is desired, hire a contractor to place a gas fireplace between two exterior windows, adding in a mantle, perhaps a flat screen television above that and offset by new drapes, artwork and marble touches.

Storage solutions — Most people would welcome more storage or at least better use of the space they have. You might be able to combine a pair of adjoining closets — one in the master bedroom and the other from an adjacent bedroom to get the space that you want. If you’re not willing to lose closet space in one room to gain space in another room, then your options include putting in a closet organizer to make use of the space.

A closet organizer is the most efficient and cost effective way to gain better use of a closet. You may need to hire a builder to put your unit in which is usually comprised of shelving, bar spacers, wardrobe bars and is held in place with angle brackets. Larger units for walk-in closets can leave you enough space to spread out, with the ability to add more shelving as needed.

Bathroom considerations — Your existing master bathroom might benefit from a makeover, one where the counter, sink, toilet and bath are removed and replaced. Consider your bathroom lighting solutions when weighing your choices, making use of natural light and recessed lighting to create a warm, calming environment.

Dual sinks are now standard in most master bathrooms with his and her mirrors, sconces, shelving and storage as part of that new arrangement. Include wainscoting, a changing chair and even a dresser if you desire a hotel look or if you have the room set up separate vanities and a changing area.

Other updates to the master bedroom can include new blinds, windows, a ceiling fan with light fixture, even skylights. First floor master bedrooms can include French doors leading to the yard, offering a private escape and entrance to the pool, garden or to a gazebo


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