Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Backyard Ideas on a  Budget


By Nannette Richford

Creating a lush environment in your backyard  may seem like a challenge, especially if you are on budget, but the amount of  money you spend isn’t what makes your yard attractive. With a little investment  of time, you can create a dazzling backyard from found objects, strategic  placement of plants and inexpensive décor to fit your budget.

  1. Planters

    • Inexpensive planters purchased at the dollar store may look plain, but you  can add a spark of creativity with a little paint to create one-of-a-kind  planters to show off flowering plants or lush green foliage. Bright colors also  add a distinct style to your yard. Think yellows, reds and purples for a vibrant  show of color. Hand paint designs on the planters or use stencils to create bold  colors in geometric designs.

    Found Objects

    • Found objects like metal shelving, old bed springs, buckets and bins add  style to any yard. Whether you choose to use them in the garden or simply as a  backdrop for a few strategic plants, a coat of fresh paint in the color of your  choice brings life and personality to your yard.

      Old paint cans painted in lively colors make wonderful planters. Be sure to  drill holes for drainage or display plants in small pots set inside the can.  Place a rock inside the cans to elevate the plant pots and prevent toppling in  the wind.


    • Create trellises from cedar poles, scrap wood or a piece of latticework.  Lattice can be painted in any color you wish and is an inexpensive alternative  to purchasing already made trellises. As the backdrop to a garden bed or against  a wall, lattice makes a great trellis for climbing plants.

      Discarded fence sections make wonderful trellises for flowering vines and can  be attached to the back of raised beds or simply erected to form a corner for a  small planting. Two sections of fence placed at right angles makes a delightful  backdrop for sprawling flowers like cosmos or tall stately flowers like  hollyhocks.

    Natural Elements

    • Use stones or logs for borders to beds, as focal points in the yard or even  to create a seating area. Natural twigs provide the basis for plant supports or  simple trellises or can be used to make twig wreaths to display in your  backyard. Taking advantage of the natural elements found in your area provides  the material to design an attractive yard without the cost of purchasing  supplies.


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